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Garcia-Restua: Love Wins…Despite the Wait

June 9, 2023

by: Crimson Resort and Spa, Boracay

For Anna Garcia and Iza Restua, a long engagement and a pandemic were no bar to their romantic beachfront ceremony in the heart of Station Zero

Love Always Wins

We live at a time when we have come to terms with how true love always wins regardless of who we are and who we have chosen to love. Indeed, we firmly believe that the end goal of finally being with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is always worth it.


This is especially true in the case of Anna Garcia and Iza Restua who went through so much on the way to their glorious sun-kissed nuptials in the heart of Station Zero.

A Long Engagement and Then Some

“We had a long engagement,” Iza recalls with a smile. “We got engaged in 2014, but only got married in 2020.”


"I told her that she was the one I needed in my life, but she was the one who proposed," Anna explains. "I didn't want to lose her, but I also said that I didn't want to get married until I was established in my career and ready to settle down, until I got us a house and a sense of stability. But we got lucky: we got a house and I figured it was high time we got married."


At the time, they had their hearts set on a Crimson wedding and slated it for 2020 - then, the pandemic happened.


"We decided to get married in Las Vegas," Anna recalls soberly. "Just a small family gathering, just formally put things in writing in case something happened to either of us. Covid seriously hit many of our friends: some lost their partners to the pandemic."


Anna and Iza saw the grief that many of their friends went through. Some never saw their partners again as soon as they were confined, seeing how only close relatives and legal spouses were allowed to see patients. Indeed, many LGBTQIA+ individuals whose partners fell ill felt helpless because the law prevented them from being with the people they loved.


"I didn't want that to happen to us," Anna says. "So I told her, 'Let's get married and just push through with our Crimson beachfront ceremony at a later date.’"

Romantic Rush


When the Philippines reopened its borders to international travelers, Anna and Iza balked as they felt they'd been caught off-guard. But this finally gave them the opportunity to turn their dream wedding into a reality.


"I guess we've both dreamed of a beachfront wedding," Iza explains. "But our first choice was actually in Hawai'i because it's closer to San Francisco [where we're based] and most of my family already live there. We soon found out, though, that holding our wedding there would be quite expensive."


Likewise, the duo discovered that holding their wedding in Hawai'i would give them limited options for a number of things and they wouldn't really have been able to get exactly what they wanted.


As it happened, they thought about coming home to the Philippines, but specifically considered Boracay as the location.


"It was a perfect choice because I'd never been to Boracay," Anna says. "I watched a lot of videos and considered several choices - and then I saw those featuring Crimson Boracay."


After considering all their options, the couple heard out the recommendations of several friends which eventually led to their decision to hold their wedding at Crimson.

Why Crimson?

"Hassle-free" is how Anna and Iza describe their overall experience with Crimson from the lead-up to the wedding to the event itself.


"It exceeded all our expectations in practically everything!" Anna declares. "Both the service and the accommodations were top-notch, and I especially liked how we and our families were treated with respect."


Indeed, everyone in the wedding party as well as the guests had nothing to complain about. The privacy of the ceremony venue right on the shore was well-appreciated and the guests were absolutely delighted by the quantity and exceptional quality of the food served during the reception. Plus, both ladies could breathe easier because of the excellent security that allowed their children to enjoy their time on the island.


"All we wanted was a simple ceremony that we and our guests could enjoy," Anna says. "And all of us definitely enjoyed it."


It truly was quite an experience, from the exquisite outdoor venue, the wonderful weather, and the exceptional amenities that made both ceremony and reception moments to remember despite the outward simplicity.


Likewise, Anna, Iza, and their entire bridal party thoroughly enjoyed their whole stay at Crimson Boracay.


"The best part was that we weren't the only ones who were happy with Crimson, our guests were, too," Iza declares. "The feedback we got from them was all positive. The breakfasts were wonderful and the beach was absolutely clean. We appreciated how the maintenance team would head down and clean the beachfront every morning."


The couple also praised the excellent service and warm demeanor they got from the on-site staff: everyone was friendly, hospitable, and knowledgeable about different aspects of the resort - a surefire sign that they loved their work and loved the guests who came to Crimson Boracay.

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