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Benito - De Guzman: From Hiccups to Highlights

April 20, 2023

by: Crimson Resort and Spa, Boracay

When delays and technical issues popped up, this couple kept their fingers crossed - and the Crimson team made sure their wedding came off without a hitch.


Having to put off your wedding for the better part of two years can be a daunting prospect for any couple, but it’s especially overwhelming if you live overseas and have your heart set on a destination wedding. But the circumstances of the past two years, specifically the pandemic and its many restrictions, did little to stem Timothy De Guzman and his bride’s enthusiasm to hold their wedding in the heart of paradise.


“We began planning our wedding in the fall of 2020,” Timothy says. “And we really wanted our wedding to be on January 3rd, 2022. However, when we were planning our wedding with our wedding coordinator, the COVID restrictions were still being strictly enforced. We then needed to postpone our wedding to a year later, 2023.”


Given the postponement, the couple spent the better part of three years getting ready for the big day - but even this hit a snag as 2022 segued into 2023.


“We actually experienced a number of hiccups on our way to the wedding,” Timothy recalls, pointing out the challenge of flying to the Philippines from the United States in the thick of the Holiday Season. “Our friends were stuck in a number of locations like Hong Kong, Manila, even Japan because of the issues with airport radar control on January 1. What an inconvenience to happen just before the wedding!”


The Crimson Team

Indeed, the day before the wedding itself, only ten members of the wedding party managed to arrive. The couple thought of postponing it to accommodate their guests, but the Crimson team was on their toes the whole time and helped them get through the morning.


Fortunately, guests began flying in between two and five on the afternoon of January 2nd - and the Crimson events and food and beverage teams were ready to serve a splendid meal for the newcomers who had all flown in at the nick of time.

Why Crimson Boracay?

Weddings are always romantic events - and island-based destination weddings even more so. For this particular couple, their hearts were specifically set on a beach wedding. So why not the Philippines and, more specifically, the paradise we all know as Boracay?


“We’d never really been to Boracay before,” Timothy admits despite having been born in the Philippines. “So why not Boracay? We would just have fun there. After doing our research and looking through all the reviews, we found Crimson.


The couple says they immediately fell in love with what they saw of Crimson Boracay. The resort’s modern design was one of the first things that struck the De Guzmans: the contemporary look set it apart from the other venues they’d been contemplating for the wedding.

The Right Level of Privacy

Likewise, Crimson Boracay’s location at the heart of Station Zero offered the right level of privacy they needed: an important aspect of planning that would make the event warmer and more intimate not only for themselves, but also the guests who would fly in for the occasion.


When asked if their Crimson Boracay wedding was everything they hoped for, Timothy says, “Absolutely. My wife really wanted a beach wedding surrounded by flowers. We were actually worried as it was raining in the morning of the day itself and actually prepared to take the ceremony indoors. But the sun came out, and we were able to get married on the beach.”


Among the things the De Guzmans particularly appreciated were the privacy of the beach and the fact that there was a bar ready on the premises. It helped keep guests entertained and occupied as they waited for the couple to arrive and for the ceremony to begin. Plus, there were no gawking onlookers or awkward moments to ruin the day.

Impressive Food

The food was also one of their favorite parts of the big day. “The variety was impressive, cooked excellently, and so fresh!” Timothy exclaims. Both foreign and local guests certainly feasted on a variety of cuisines, meats fresh off the grill, as well as fresh produce and exquisite desserts.


For the De Guzmans, January 3 will certainly be a memorable date in more ways than one - and Crimson is proud of making it particularly special and joyful for them.


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