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A Serene Union: Ko-Chua's Magical Wedding Journey

May 12, 2023

by: Crimson Resort and Spa, Boracay

Where serendipity leads to lasting serenity. Experience their journey and wedding celebration.

How it Started

“We were introduced to each other by my best friend from high school,” she recalls. “I invited my friend over to my place. In the past, she’d try to set me up with friends of hers, but, most of the time, I didn’t really like the experience.” Katrina added that she preferred her relationships to start as friendships, something that would enable her to get to know the other person before things got serious.


That said, she didn’t know what to expect when her friend introduced her to Alvin Ko. “When Alvin and I met, we just seemed to click right from the start,” she says. “Rather than doing small talk, we immediately got into meaningful conversations about our shared values. I had never really connected with anyone in that way before - and that’s where it started.”

Destination Wedding

Alvin formally popped the question to Katrina in February of 2021, but it took nearly years for the couple to finalize plans for their wedding. But rather than a straight-out postponement, the couple opted to ride out the pandemic until such time that they could organize a wonderful celebration they could share with all of their loved ones.


“Before we settled on Boracay, we were actually looking at other places,” Katrina says when asked how they decided on a venue for their destination wedding. “We thought of Baguio and Palawan, but we realized that Boracay was the right spot because it was already well-known as a wedding destination, and it was fairly easy for us to get good suppliers who were experienced in handling Boracay weddings - and that made things much easier.”

Why Crimson Boracay?

While Katrina and Alvin considered other venues in Boracay, one of the things that struck them about Crimson was the way the staff took care of everything - and everyone - involved in their wedding.


“We also liked the appearance as it was so modern,” Katrina says. “But it was really the way the staff assisted us and treated us that cinched the deal.”


The natural beauty of Station Zero, as well as the privacy also helped the soon-to-be-weds make their decision, along with the way the ground team at the resort showed flexibility and preparedness to deal with sudden changes in the weather.


“Because of the weather, we made provisions to have our wedding indoors,” Katrina says. “But even there, the venue was very beautiful.”


Eventually, Katrina and Alvin had their ceremony indoors, but the grand celebration was held al fresco at a reception that they and their guests certainly enjoyed and are bound to remember for years to come.


“Everything was lovely from our ceremony to the reception,” Katrina says of her Crimson Boracay wedding. “It was so special, private, and clean.”

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