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Elaine and Marvin Sotto's Magical Beach Wedding

Elaine and Marvin Sotto's Magical Beach Wedding

June 11, 2021

by: Crimson Resort and Spa, Boracay

A magical wedding in a dreamy venue. Read about Elaine and Marvin's wedding at Crimson Resort and Spa, Boracay!

Why did you decide on having a destination wedding and why did you choose Boracay?

This has got to be one of the easiest decisions during our planning stage. Boracay holds a sentimental value for both of us. This is where we first met. This is where our story started and I think it is just right that we hold it Boracay as we start another journey - our married life. 

We also wanted our family and friends to experience what we have experienced on the island. The beach, the great sunsets, the powdery sand, the people, the feeling and the culture. 



What made your Boracay wedding magical?

Everything. It was a total experience. All small things contributed to the experience. Having all our loved ones be there for us. The great team behind us, supporting us all the way - our coordinators, Amanda, Mayad, the band, the cultural dancers who showcased a bit of the Filipino culture, Andrew's humor,  TM our event stylist who turned our vision into reality, the food, drinks! Everything. But the best of them all is getting married to the love of your life. Walking down the aisle and seeing him at the other end, knowing that despite all the challenges and struggles, you choose the be with each other's home. 

Marvin and I were in a long-distance relationship, ever since. He lives overseas, I live in Manila. It's really difficult. But we decided that no matter how hard life gets, we'll always have each other. Partners for life, despite the distance.


What are your tips for those planning their wedding at Boracay?

Decide on what really matters to you. There are so many trends out there but you don't need to follow them. You do you. It is a celebration you love story, own it. We made sure that we highlight the Filipino culture but also took into consideration the Australian culture during planning.

Carefully pick your suppliers - your team members, and treat them right. 

Not everything will go your way so learn to let go and focus on the things that matter. Invitation didn't turn out the way you expect them? Dirty ice cream not available? Let go. 

RSVP is crucial. Make sure to set your deadlines.

Why did you choose Crimson Boracay?

First and foremost, the value for money. Second, the location and shoreline. We really wanted a beachfront wedding and after the rehabilitation, there were only limited hotels who can accommodate this as well as the # of guests. Crimson is one of them. The third is food and drinks. They have a very wide range of cuisine you can choose from which is a plus for us since we have a mix of guests - Filipino, Australian, Europeans and Muslims. Fourth, accommodations. The suites are just amazing, especially the sea view, which is part of the package offered for our wedding. 

Lastly and more importantly. Crimson's hospitality. Starting from Taste test until we left after the wedding. 

We were sick when we arrived and every morning, the staff would go to our table and offer us ginger tea. They always find a way to give us what we need and goes beyond it most of the time. They were very professional, polite and courteous. Hands down, best service ever. 

It felt like you're with family and we're really grateful for how catered to us. We'll definitely go back.


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