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Chuck your excuses and see if the alibis check out at this new joint, Alibi Lounge•Bar. Secluded in the heart of Crimson Hotel Filinvest City in Alabang, the bar’s prelude is by way of a changing keycode that leaves one wondering if they can ever keep up. Get it right the first time and slip in through an experience that tosses between the real thing and what has been dreamed up.

Along with a steady gin spread, five signature cocktail players make their flavors talk and gather as the soul of this very bar:


  •  Sunset Strip: In need of a view that’s new? Take a stroll down the sunset strip, where the sun nearly goes down and stays that way. It’s fair weather all the day with not an angry cloud above. Cotton candy hues meet clear pink skies that’ll have you clinking your shoes in glee as you say, “It’s a lovely day today and every day.”
  • Whisper Sister: Well, buy me a vowel as you throw me a whisper, sister. We spill the tea often as we gather in hordes, waiting to hear the latest about Hewey, Dewey, and dear Marie. What’s happening to them now, the clues are set. We while the afternoons away, with a gab and a running tab as long as the secrets stay where we currently spend the day.
  • Lucid Fluid: This stuff’s made of magic, ain’t it? Have you ever dreamt in color and woke up feeling like you never left your head? If we could bottle up the place where dreams and the real world collide, maybe we could understand why we remember everything and before nothing. Stay awake for Pete’s sake but keep afloat, for only in dreams do we dwell all well.
  • Truth or Dairy: A tisket, a tasket, has our milk gone down the hatchet? Magic did us one up, because rabbits are a bygone trick. The flavor hits you like a gut punch, but leaves you with a taste of cream — or so it would seem. Who’s playing pretend here?
  • The Peat Meet And Greet: Who brings home the bacon? It’s salt of the earth — smoky, oaky, and not at all hokey. If you’re expecting a tart part with a sweet heart, a little sip of this drink will give you little space to think — except, what a joy and no strife, for this drink gives me so much life.


All’s fair in bar fare with tastemakers that’ll hit the spot just right. Take a bite out of the Toasted Brioche With Prawn, a seafood delight with flavors to keep the tastebuds singing. How about the Chicken Popcorn, worth popping in after a good round of whispers with the sisters? Cold cuts and cheese will hold the smile in if the urge to dine is to merely fill the stomach.


And so it goes. Do not wait long to get lost in dreams. Meet where the wisps of fantasy string themselves along to what the real thing is.


Schedule: open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Location: Ground floor Entrata Urban Complex, Civic Drive, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.


Contact details: +63 998 595 3770


Follow @alibilougemla on Facebook and Instagram.

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