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Nug-as Alcoy Reforestation Project

Cebu itself almost certainly the world’s single highest conservation priority area in terms of both the number of endemic species represented and the degrees of threat (Gonzalez, et. a., 1999). Currently, the island has less than 1% forest cover, broken into eight widely separated forest fragments (i.e. Cebu City, Alcoy-Boljoon, Catmon-Carmen, Tuburan, Malabuyoc, Dalaguete, Argao, Alegria), varying in size from 36 hectares to 1,500 hectares (Gonzalez, et. al., 1999; Orlanes, 2002). Despite their almost dismal state, these small patches continue to support an astonishingly high number of endemic plants and animals and remnant populations of almost all of Cebu’s endemic taxa (Collar et al., 1998; Mallari et al., 2001).


Twelve globally threatened birds are found in Cebu with four of these can only be found in Cebu: the IUCN Critically Endangered Cebu Flowerpecker Dicauem quadricolor and Cebu Brown Dove Phapitreron frontalis, the Endangered Black Shama Kittacincla cebuensis and Cebu Hawk Owl Ninox rumseyi. Other important threatened species that are found in Cebu include the Critically Endangered Cebu small work skink Brachymeles cebuensis, Philippine tube-nosed fruit bat Dobsonia chapmani, the Endangered Philippine tube-nosed fruit bat Nyctimene rabori, Streak-breasted bulbul Ixos siquijorensis monticola, the Vulnerable Greenfaced parrot finch Erythrura viridifacies, Rufous-lored kingfisher Todiramphus winchelli. All these species along survive in small patches of limestone forests distributed in Cebu the largest of which is Alcoy-Boljoon forest, the stronghold habitat of these species in the island.


Forest rehabilitation is one of the most urgent and important component towards protecting and conserving Cebu’s biodiversity and securing the ecosystem services the forest provides.



Project Objectives

The general objective of this project is to rehabilitate the forest in Nug-as, Alcoy through improvement of the local endemic tree nursery, seedling collection and tree planting. The project aims to plant at least 2,000 seedlings by  July 2019.


Endemic seedling collection and Nursery Improvement

May 31


Nug-as Reforestation Fund Raising

June 5

Help Save the Last Remaining Forest in Cebu.

Donate seedlings for P40 each


Tree Planting
July 2019

This forest rehabilitation project will continue for 5 years.


To donate, deposit amount to

Mactan Seascapes Services, Inc.
Eastwest Bank




Send deposit slip to [email protected] 

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