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Guests can expect a seamless and safe welcome starting from the airport pick-up and during their actual stay enhances safety standards and an official sanitized seal for guest rooms.

As soon as guests arrive in the airport and proceed to the hotel vehicles with customized driver-passenger partitions to ensure safe distancing.

The hotel chauffeur will show guest a QR code which will inform guests of the new Culture of Clean processes such as express check-in, new limit of guests per elevator, enhanced room sanitation and more.

When guests arrive in their hotels, they will undergo thermal scanning and a sanitizing footbath mat will be visible in all entry points to ensure that no viruses are carried inside the hotels. All the guest rooms will be disinfected and will remain sealed with the sanitized seal for 24 hours before accepting another guest to check-in.

Guests will also be at ease as the hotels implement sanitized tags placed in areas in the room including glassware. Even the toilet bowls will now be tagged with the sanitized label. Electrostatic sprays will be used around the hotels to sanitize rooms and public areas and aside from this, a UV bulb will be installed in the room lamp while cleaning as an added sanitization measure, the regular light bulb will be placed back once finished.

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